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Warnings: Maria Theresa and excessive Haydn. Perhaps TL;DR? Also, playing off rumors because those are fun, so there are probably historical inaccuracies.
Effects: Irritation at the beginning, followed by joy and awe while the music plays and speaking with Haydn.

Haydn was also known as 'Papa Haydn' )

[Austria, used to the Dreamberry, did not bother to check whether the device had recorded or not, instead reaching out to turn the device off and falling back asleep not long after.]
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[The camera on Austria's Dreamberry clicks on, clearly showing a field in Espoir, despite the fact that the picture is upside down. Even though this is Austria's Dreamberry, he himself is nowhere to be found. His voice is audible, though, as well as the whinnies of a horse. He sounds quite out of breath, actually, as if he's been running about for some time now.]

--Idiot! Hold still this instant! I'm not going to harm you, I assure you!

[Yes, he's yelling at a horse. He's still used to people listening when he tells them to do something. The horse, being a wild horse, obviously isn't concerned with Austria's demands, and, by the sound of things, takes off at a gallop. For a brief moment, a nice brown horse can be seen running past the Dreamberry before it disappears from sight again.]

You are most certainly not allowed to run from me! Get back here!

[Heavy footsteps can be heard as, presumably, Austria chases after the horse. But suddenly--the video shakes and turns dark as a dull thud is picked up by the microphone. Yep, Austria tripped over his Dreamberry. But it's totally okay, since he quickly looks around for whatever he tripped on, resulting in the video once again being upside down, but actually showing Austria for once.]

What on Earth--? ...Ah--is this--? [And the feed cuts out]


Apr. 12th, 2010 08:44 am
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[Austria is entirely displeased with this new change in weather and scenery here in Somarium. He has long since abandoned his usual blue coat somewhere due to the heat, but seeing as how he still thinks he is a classy gentleman, he has yet to change into a shirt with shorter sleeves or roll up the sleeves on the shirt he was already wearing. He is totally not used to this weather, obviously, and the plants all around aren't helping much. From what one can see in the video, several vines have already broken through a near-by window and had begun to sprawl across the floor.]

This is completely unacceptable! This weather is horrendous and--though I am certainly no expert in the subject--cannot be normal for this time of the year! Is there anyone present here that happens to know how to get these--[the crashing of glass can be heard off in the distance, causing Austria to wince a bit. It was probably just another window, nothing big.]--plants back outside where they belong? I do know how to tend to a proper garden, but I believe this is quite different than pruning flowers or anything of that nature.

Dream 005

Sep. 30th, 2009 10:53 pm
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please allow me to demonstrate my emotions by means of this piano. )

[Instead of waking from his slumber as he usually did after having a particularly vivid dream, Austria merely continued to sleep. After all, he was not bothered by this dream in the slightest. Yet, that is.]

Dream 004

Aug. 2nd, 2009 01:51 am
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August 1st is Switzerland's 'birthday' )

Austria awoke with a start after that dream, his hand instinctively going toward his Dreamberry, just to check and see if anything was recorded. His face paled a bit when he noticed that the dream had indeed been broadcast; this was something he would prefer others to not see, as even he didn't enjoy thinking about those times anymore.


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