Aug. 7th, 2011 12:38 pm
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[What up, Somarium? Usually when Austria bothers to make his own broadcasts over the Dreamberry, he's either nagging or complaining, talking about music, or something else along those lines. Not today, though. Those that know him well enough would be able to see that he looks a bit upset by something. He hides it well enough, but it's obviously there. Also he is sitting by his piano, because this is what Austria does when he's bothered by something. (or at most times when he's ~*~overcome with emotion~*~ but that's beside the point)]

For those not aware, it seems Antonio Salieri is no longer present in Somarium. I admit I'm not certain how many students he had here, if any, but if those of you wish to continue your lessons, I would be glad to instruct you. I'm hardly the composer Salieri was, but I do fancy myself a rather skilled musician.

[he pauses for a moment after that, a brief moment of worry flashing across his face before his usual somewhat aloof expression returns.]

And... Hungary is no longer here, either. [He turns away from the Dreamberry, and the first few measures of this can be heard before the feed switches off.]
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Perhaps it is not the best time to announce this, given what I will inevitably request and the current state of much of Somarium, but... Antonio Salieri and myself have been working on fixing up the opera house in Somni, as there is quite a lack of fine music and things of that nature here. For those interested, we would very much appreciate assistance with interior decorating and perhaps assistance with creating a more 'Somarium-friendly' schedule. [since... Austria is pretty sure his taste in music might not be exactly what Somarium would want to hear.]

For those interested in helping, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.
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As... delicious as this sudden change is, I don't suppose someone could tell me how I am supposed to play the piano when it currently looks like this.

[Austria moves the dreamberry so that people watching can get a good view of what was a normal piano. However, it happens to be made of peppermint bark, candy canes, milk and white chocolate, and things of that sort. The inside is the most infuriating to Austria, since, as the video now shows, instead of the strings and hammers that should be there? It's licorice and gumdrops. Needless to say, Austria is not amused.]

Though I don't deny that sweets--particularly those around only during this time of year--are nice to have every so often, [every so often for Austria being after dinner, after lunch, with coffee, etc. etc.] I would like it if my piano were still playable. I don't suppose anyone else has this same issue, do they?
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[The camera on Austria's Dreamberry clicks on, clearly showing a field in Espoir, despite the fact that the picture is upside down. Even though this is Austria's Dreamberry, he himself is nowhere to be found. His voice is audible, though, as well as the whinnies of a horse. He sounds quite out of breath, actually, as if he's been running about for some time now.]

--Idiot! Hold still this instant! I'm not going to harm you, I assure you!

[Yes, he's yelling at a horse. He's still used to people listening when he tells them to do something. The horse, being a wild horse, obviously isn't concerned with Austria's demands, and, by the sound of things, takes off at a gallop. For a brief moment, a nice brown horse can be seen running past the Dreamberry before it disappears from sight again.]

You are most certainly not allowed to run from me! Get back here!

[Heavy footsteps can be heard as, presumably, Austria chases after the horse. But suddenly--the video shakes and turns dark as a dull thud is picked up by the microphone. Yep, Austria tripped over his Dreamberry. But it's totally okay, since he quickly looks around for whatever he tripped on, resulting in the video once again being upside down, but actually showing Austria for once.]

What on Earth--? ...Ah--is this--? [And the feed cuts out]


Apr. 12th, 2010 08:44 am
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[Austria is entirely displeased with this new change in weather and scenery here in Somarium. He has long since abandoned his usual blue coat somewhere due to the heat, but seeing as how he still thinks he is a classy gentleman, he has yet to change into a shirt with shorter sleeves or roll up the sleeves on the shirt he was already wearing. He is totally not used to this weather, obviously, and the plants all around aren't helping much. From what one can see in the video, several vines have already broken through a near-by window and had begun to sprawl across the floor.]

This is completely unacceptable! This weather is horrendous and--though I am certainly no expert in the subject--cannot be normal for this time of the year! Is there anyone present here that happens to know how to get these--[the crashing of glass can be heard off in the distance, causing Austria to wince a bit. It was probably just another window, nothing big.]--plants back outside where they belong? I do know how to tend to a proper garden, but I believe this is quite different than pruning flowers or anything of that nature.


Feb. 13th, 2010 08:41 pm
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[When the video feed is turned on, the screen is entirely black, and all that can be heard is a faint "hm?" and the sound of footsteps. Shortly after, the reason for the black video suddenly becomes apparent, or at least it should, anyway. The screen suddenly clears up and shows actual video relatively clearly if one ignores the few splotches of light brown goo (aka cake batter) around the edges of the screen. What does the video feed show, you might ask? Simple. Aside from the image shaking a bit every so often, it clearly shows Austria wearing a white apron (that may or may not have frills) with a music staff on it in addition to his usual clothes. That's not the most important thing, though. The most important things are the two cakes that happen to look like this that are sitting on the counter behind Austria. They may be technically Hungarian in origin, but Austria can still bake those kind of cakes like it's nobody's business.]

Odd. I thought [static] placed this further [static] the table than that. [and after Austria cleans the lens once more, he turns the feed off.]

((ooc: as a note, anyone that stays in Austria's house is free to come down and help with the cake, or make things difficult for him, or whatever if you want.))
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It's a bit embarrassing to ask this, but I require assistance nonetheless. I, ah... have been having a bit of difficulty selecting a suitable Christmas gift for someone rather close to me. Were I back at home, I would have plenty of books to consult on this matter, but seeing as I do not have that luxury here... well, you understand.

Back to the original issue at hand, though; is there anyone here that can help me find an acceptable gift for my wife?
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[The video feed starts off rather rough, and some fumbling can be heard as Austria checks over the Dreamberry to see if it is actually on and broadcasting properly. It should be clear that he has very little idea how to work this aspect of the Dreamberry.]

Is this device even--Ah, there we go. I believe that will do it.

[The video focuses in on Austria and, though it is still rather shaky, is of far better quality than it was previously.]

I apologize if this message reaches anyone at a bad time, however, I have a question, and I would much appreciate it if I were to get answers from multiple people, so that I do not go around assuming something that is not correct.

I have heard from a rather reliable source that at some point in the future, the nation of Prussia ceases to exist. For those of you that may have some knowledge about this subject, is this true?


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