Apr. 12th, 2010 08:44 am
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[Austria is entirely displeased with this new change in weather and scenery here in Somarium. He has long since abandoned his usual blue coat somewhere due to the heat, but seeing as how he still thinks he is a classy gentleman, he has yet to change into a shirt with shorter sleeves or roll up the sleeves on the shirt he was already wearing. He is totally not used to this weather, obviously, and the plants all around aren't helping much. From what one can see in the video, several vines have already broken through a near-by window and had begun to sprawl across the floor.]

This is completely unacceptable! This weather is horrendous and--though I am certainly no expert in the subject--cannot be normal for this time of the year! Is there anyone present here that happens to know how to get these--[the crashing of glass can be heard off in the distance, causing Austria to wince a bit. It was probably just another window, nothing big.]--plants back outside where they belong? I do know how to tend to a proper garden, but I believe this is quite different than pruning flowers or anything of that nature.


Feb. 13th, 2010 08:41 pm
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[When the video feed is turned on, the screen is entirely black, and all that can be heard is a faint "hm?" and the sound of footsteps. Shortly after, the reason for the black video suddenly becomes apparent, or at least it should, anyway. The screen suddenly clears up and shows actual video relatively clearly if one ignores the few splotches of light brown goo (aka cake batter) around the edges of the screen. What does the video feed show, you might ask? Simple. Aside from the image shaking a bit every so often, it clearly shows Austria wearing a white apron (that may or may not have frills) with a music staff on it in addition to his usual clothes. That's not the most important thing, though. The most important things are the two cakes that happen to look like this that are sitting on the counter behind Austria. They may be technically Hungarian in origin, but Austria can still bake those kind of cakes like it's nobody's business.]

Odd. I thought [static] placed this further [static] the table than that. [and after Austria cleans the lens once more, he turns the feed off.]

((ooc: as a note, anyone that stays in Austria's house is free to come down and help with the cake, or make things difficult for him, or whatever if you want.))


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