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[Intended to be private to Hungary, but Austria fails at technology, so anyone can see/hear this if they want.]

Ah... Miss Hungary? I received your messages. Is everything all right? You sounded rather distressed, after all, and I... am afraid that I did not understand what it is that you were upset about. Prussia hasn't done anything to you, has he?
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This is probably the only time I'll use that icon )

[Austria awoke with a start, blinking at the ceiling a few times before turning over on his side and staring at the small Katamari sitting on the near-by nightstand, thoroughly confused about the dream he just had.]
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[The video feed starts off rather rough, and some fumbling can be heard as Austria checks over the Dreamberry to see if it is actually on and broadcasting properly. It should be clear that he has very little idea how to work this aspect of the Dreamberry.]

Is this device even--Ah, there we go. I believe that will do it.

[The video focuses in on Austria and, though it is still rather shaky, is of far better quality than it was previously.]

I apologize if this message reaches anyone at a bad time, however, I have a question, and I would much appreciate it if I were to get answers from multiple people, so that I do not go around assuming something that is not correct.

I have heard from a rather reliable source that at some point in the future, the nation of Prussia ceases to exist. For those of you that may have some knowledge about this subject, is this true?


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