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Oct. 25th, 2011 12:25 am
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Warnings: Sigmund Freud
Dream Effects: Amusement, followed by rather fanboyish feelings when Mozart is mentioned, ending in mild panic. Also: noninteractive, but if for some reason you wanted an outfit from Hetalia, you can gain it from this, I guess? IDEK.

The dream opens up to a rather stereotypical looking office--it would be obvious to near anyone that this was the office of some sort of (well off) therapist. The walls are lined with bookshelves, the furniture is made from handsome dark wood, and there's even the stereotypical red velvet couch for the patients to sit on. However, instead of opening to your usual therapy session scene, the dream instead reveals two men sitting at a table in the room, animatedly (but while still maintaining their dignity, of course. Gentlemen must be gentlemen!) discussing something over coffee. One of these two men is Austria, and the other is the man that invented your mama jokes.

"--You would have found it rather fascinating, I'm sure. The degree to which that idiot near worshipped his old king is clearly far beyond that of normal relationships with one's boss," Austria continued, obviously rather entertained by this particular conversation. Trash talking about Prussia is one of the things Austria likes doing and does the best. It's almost like a national sport.

Freud paused for a moment before responding, taking a deep sip of his own coffee while doing so. "He played the flute, did he not? This Frederick II. It's rather clear to me what the true nature behind their relationship was based on what you've told me, but I hardly have the first-hand experience needed to prove this."

"Well, of course he was fond of his music. That idiot praised everything that man did, despite his music being completely mediocre, especially compared to my own musicians," Austria responded, sounding somewhat irritated. After all, why anyone would believe that King of Prussia could compose decent music was beyond him. The fact that he missed Freud's innuendo was also beyond him, unfortunately, causing Freud to pause again. If it weren't rude to do so, he would likely want to facepalm at Austria's response.

"I'm hardly educated enough to cast any judgment in that particular area, I'm afraid. I'm not one for music, as I've explained to you before. Completely unmusical, I'm afraid."

"Nonsense, that's not possible at all! Anyone can learn to play and appreciate proper music, even if it might take more time for some than others. Perhaps you should start off with Mozart. Mozart is a wonderful introduction to the Classical world; his pieces are catchy, lively, and brilliantly composed. Symphonies, operas, all of his work is wonderful. I believe they are performing The Marriage of Figaro this weekend. If you would like to attend, I would be more than honored to have you as a guest." If there was one thing Austria liked talking about more than how much Prussians suck, it was Mozart.

"I will have to see how my schedule looks, but I will get back to you as soon as I'm able. That said," Freud responded, his eyes twinkling mischievously. "Perhaps we should discuss your feelings on Mozart now. There's likely something behind those words of yours, after all. If you'll have a seat on the couch, we can begin whenever you feel ready."

Austria visibly paled at Freud's response, clearly expecting something different. Another raving review of Mozart's work, perhaps? Who knew, but it clearly was not that. "Now, now, I don't think that's necessary at all. And you must have other work to do, as well! I would not want to take up any more of your time..."

"Nonsense! I insist. I don't have an appointment for another hour or so. That's more than enough time to scratch the surface, wouldn't you say?"


[Austria awoke with a start, frowning as his eyes fell upon the Dreamberry. He may have been here for a while now, but having his dreams broadcast was still as unpleasant as ever.]

I suppose it was long overdue. As if enough unpleasant things haven't happened recently. [he muttered under his breath, as he reached out and turned off the Dreamberry. BFF Salieri and Clonezart, why you leave me? Poland, why you come back? :|]
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