Dream 010;

Jul. 7th, 2011 10:17 pm
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Warnings: None
Dream Effects: A bit of guilt early on, followed by amusement toward the end.


Today was a Friday, the end of the week, and a day whose evenings Austria typically reserved for operas, symphonies, and things of that sort. Walking through the streets of (a repaired) Somni, Austria and his wife Hungary were making their way toward the opera house down in the city. They were playing Mozart's Don Giovanni today, as the ticket Austria kept glancing at very clearly noted.

"Roderich, dear, the opera house is this way. Don't tell me you've forgotten?" Hungary asked playfully, grabbing Austria around the arm and pulling him toward the correct path.

"No, of course not, I was merely--"

"Distracted? Really, if you would stop glancing at that ticket, you would have an easier time finding your way around."

Supposing Hungary had a point, Austria stowed his ticket in his pocket. Before heading down the correct road to the opera house, Austria spared a glance toward the street down which he had almost gotten lost. There happened to be a concert hall of some sort down there, it seemed, as a large electric sign above a rather grand looking building spelled out "SALIERI CONDUCTING HIS MOST POPULAR WORKS. TONIGHT ONLY!" Austria felt a pang of guilt before Hungary once again led him away toward the correct street.

Once Austria had stopped paying more attention to his ticket than the roads (and once Hungary decided she'd had enough with Austria attempting to lead the way), it really did not take too long at all before the pair reached the opera house. As they took their seats, Austria still felt rather guilty about not attending (since he certainly did not forget about it in his excitement over Don Giovanni, never) Salieri's performance. Or at least, he did until he noticed [livejournal.com profile] bienquifaitmal in the row ahead of them, trying rather hard (and to his credit, succeeding) to not attract any unwanted attention. Smiling very, very slightly to himself, Austria relaxed and directed his attention down toward the stage just as the lights dimmed and the orchestra began to play.
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