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Warnings: Habsburgs and gratuitous Mozart. Also, IDK if Leopold and all them are very IC, so you've been warned.

Given that Vienna was known as one of the cities for musicians and that Austria's ruling family, the Habsburgs, were quite fond of fine music, it was not unusual for Austria to private concerts given by musicians invited personally by his empress. What was unusual about this particular concert, however, was that the musician performing was a mere child rather than a full-grown man. Granted, there were rumors all across Vienna about this particular child, but Austria found it rather difficult to believe that this child standing in front of him, his empress, and several of her children was as gifted as the other Viennese nobility said he was.

Once the audience, for lack of a better term, had settled down, the boy's father stepped forward and began to speak. "It is a great honor to be invited here, your majesty," Leopold said, bowing as he spoke. "Wolfgang, too, is honored to be here. If it pleases your majesty, Wolfgang will begin by playing a few of his own compositions."

Upon hearing his name, the little boy merely smiled brightly and sat down at the fortepiano, waiting for his chance to play. As soon as his father gave him the nod to do so, Mozart began to play. Austria watched in awe as this child who was no more than seven years old focused completely on the instrument in front of him, his fingers gliding over the instrument with a skill rarely found in even those musicians older and more accomplished than him. It seemed that the rumors from the other Viennese nobility had their basis after all. Little Mozart played several other pieces after his own were finished, mostly those by more accomplished composers of the day, such as Haydn.

The boy continued to play for some time, even playing while blindfolded because the empress had requested it to test his talent. Of course, the boy had managed to play perfectly even with the blindfold on, much to both Austria and Maria Theresa's amazement. When his performance was finally complete, every person in the room broke out in thunderous applause. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart stood up from the fortepiano bench and gave an overly flamboyant bow, seemingly mocking the bow given by his father at the beginning of his performance.
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