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Warnings: Maria Theresa and excessive Haydn. Perhaps TL;DR? Also, playing off rumors because those are fun, so there are probably historical inaccuracies.
Effects: Irritation at the beginning, followed by joy and awe while the music plays and speaking with Haydn.

    It had been some time since Austria was last invited to visit the Esterhazy family at their palace: Esterhaza. Not that Austria himself was actually invited, though; his empress, Maria Theresa, had insisted upon stopping by. The Esterhazies were one of the more influential families around, after all, but that was neither here nor there. Austria was obligated to visit with his empress, but even if he were not, he would have attended anyway. In the employ of the Esterhazy family was one of the finest Austrian composers of the time: Joseph Haydn. Austria would have been a fool to miss out on an opportunity to attend one of Haydn's performances.

    Walking down the decorated halls of the Esterhaza palace along side his empress, Austria did approve of the Esterhazy's taste. Everything was decorated in the popular fashion of the time, displaying the wealth of the Hungarian noble family. Impressed though he was, Austria much preferred his palaces in Vienna to this. Austria's thoughts were rudely interrupted as a [ profile] katona_sziv clad in a green dress and military boots who was carrying an arm full of linens burst forth from a door on his right, nearly colliding with him and Maria.

    "Hey! Watch where you're--" the girl began, her eyes growing wide as she noticed the woman standing beside Austria. "Oh! Your Majesty! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to--I hope you've been all right since I last saw you."

    Though Maria seemed to enjoy the small talk, Austria was increasingly growing more and more irritated. After all, he wanted to be in the concert hall well before the concert actually started. Haydn was more important than speaking with one of his servants, no matter how kind and helpful she could be when she wanted to be.

    "Hungary," Austria interrupted sharply, "I do apologize for interrupting, but the empress and I have somewhere we must be. If you will excuse us." With a bow, Austria promptly grabbed the arm of his empress and, after receiving a dirty look from Hungary, headed off in the direction of the concert hall.

    The concert hall was just as grand as Austria had remembered, and was certainly fitting for a composer of Haydn's caliber. Though Austria was a bit envious of Haydn, getting to compose and perform his own works for important audiences, he much preferred listening to fine music than presenting his own. According to the narration before the concert, Haydn had composed a new symphony specifically for this visit by Maria Theresa, which seemed to excite Austria more than his empress. It didn't take long for the lights to dim, drawing attention first to the box in which Austria and the empress sat, and then to the stage where the orchestra was waiting to perform.

    ~Allegro~ ~Adagio~ ~Menuet e Trio~ ~Finale: Allegro~

    After the performance, Austria--as per usual--insisted upon a meeting with Haydn. Given that he was here with Maria Theresa today and that the symphony just performed was composed in honor of her visit, he was indeed granted an audience with Haydn. Stepping into the room where the composer was resting after conducting his orchestra, Austria's eyes glanced around the room, taking in the less extravagant (but not cheap by any means) furnishings, before turning his attention to Haydn.

    "That was a fine performance," Austria stated lightly. "I am glad to have had the chance to attend one of your concerts again."

    "You must be very important to Her Majesty to be invited to accompany her here time and time again," the composer observed, "but I thank you, Mr. Edelstein. Hearing praise from others is always appreciated, especially praise from a music connoisseur such as yourself."

    "A connoisseur? Hardly. I may frequent the symphonies, but the individuals with true taste for music are those such as yourself."

    "Ah, but you have the privilege of residing in Vienna, the center of the music world! You are not stuck on an estate hundreds kilometers away from that inspiration," Haydn noted, a bit of bitterness in his voice.

    "Well, that--" Austria started, interrupted again, but this time by the sound of his empress' voice calling out his name, indicating that he was needed elsewhere. "I am afraid I must be going, but should you have the chance to come to Vienna, I assure you, we would welcome you with open arms. It has been a pleasure speaking with you, Mr. Haydn."

    "Likewise, Mr. Edelstein," said Haydn, returning to his work as Austria bowed out of the room.

[Austria, used to the Dreamberry, did not bother to check whether the device had recorded or not, instead reaching out to turn the device off and falling back asleep not long after.]
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