Dream 007

Jan. 16th, 2010 06:06 pm
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For once, Austria's home was quiet. Not that it was a bad thing, of course, Austria enjoyed it very much. It was rare, after all, for him to have time to sit back and leisurely read a book, enjoying a cup of coffee while doing so. Normally Prussia would be barging in to his home or creating a ruckus outside at this time, but today, for whatever reason, he had not shown up, much to Austria's pleasure.

As Austria was enjoying catching up on new developments in musical theory and the like, Hungary entered the room, her dress scuffed up and a bit of dirt on her face. He glanced up from his book to see what--if anything--had happened, a confused expression on his face as he did so. Though he did know that his wife was not exactly the most lady-like woman in Europe, he did wonder what Hungary had been up to. Hungary had apparently noticed Austria watching and smiled at him before disappearing somewhere. Austria could only hope she was off to change her outfit; he shuttered at the thought of her tracking dirt through the nice, clean home they shared.

Austria returned to reading once more. Occasionally he was disrupted by a few loud thunks coming from outside the window, but music theory was more important than taking notice to what he assumed were a few squirrels or something of the sort. Eventually Hungary returned, dressed in a new, clean outfit, and took a seat near Austria.

"If I may, Elizaveta," Austria began, setting his book down momentarily, "Might I ask what exactly you were doing that caused your clothing to get dirty?"

"Oh, it was nothing!" Hungary replied, laughing a bit. "I was just taking care of a little pest problem. It's nothing to worry about."


Deciding it might be for the best to see what exactly was causing that noise outside (since that thunk was louder than the others), Austria turned and glanced out the window. What he found was Prussia, tied to a tree outside his house (and by tied, it's more like strapped) with a sign across his chest reading "DO NOT FEED BEER," kicking rocks, sticks, and whatever was near-by at the building. Were he any other less civilized nation, he may have laughed at the situation, but being Austria, a small smile was all that he would allow. Without a second thought, Austria turned away from the window and, yet again, picked up his book and began to read.

[Austria? Simply continues to sleep after this dream until the Dreamberry's feed shuts off. After all, there's nothing disturbing about it that would cause him to wake up. It was a rather pleasant dream, actually, if he did say so himself.]
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