Dream 005

Sep. 30th, 2009 10:53 pm
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"Honestly, Germany, he may be your older brother, but you possess far more sense than he does! It should be a simple matter to keep him occupied so he does not bother Miss Hungary or myself. I am sure I could find plenty of activities for him to do if you are unable to," Austria ranted furiously at his neighbor who looked considerably younger than his counterpart in Somarium.

Based on his appearance, which was only slightly less pristine and aristocratic than he normally looks, it was safe to assume that Prussia had attempted to harass Austria in some way, shape, or form not too long ago. Not that such a thing was an uncommon occurrence, of course; Prussia seemed to take joy in Austria's pain and misery, much to Austria's irritation. Furiously ranting, though, perhaps was not the best way to describe Austria's speech patterns at the moment. True, he was obviously quite irritated and not as composed and aloof as he normally appeared to be, but furiously ranting as far as Austria was concerned was more of Austria raising his voice and making demands and vague threats about what may happen if his demands are not followed. That was one of the things Austria was best at, after all: creating and playing music, and ordering others to do things for him.

"Yes, I understand where you are coming from, Austria," replied Germany, looking irritated, as well, but for a completely different reason. "But you know as well as I do that it is near impossible to make my brother listen to anyone but himself and our leaders. Besides, are you sure you aren't overreacting? I'm not defending his childish behavior, but he could have done something far worse than shouting obscenities at you and scaring a flock of pigeons off in your direction."

At Germany's last sentence, Austria fixed the other nation with a pointed stare. To Austria, upholding appearances was rather important, to say the least. It was kind of difficult for him to behave as one of his stature should when a flock of birds--dirty, smelly, most likely disease ridden birds--are flying in your direction. Though it was true that if anyone else--save perhaps France, as Russia didn't seem the type to do anything like that--had tried such a thing, Austria wouldn't have gotten
as upset, but the fact that Prussia had shooed the birds toward him made everything that much more intolerable.

"Germany," Austria said simply, rising from his seat on the sofa he and Germany were sitting on. He walked across the naturally well-furnished room (as really, there was nothing Austria considered too elegant for his royal family, and he resided in their palaces most of the time) and took a seat on the piano bench, preparing to play the instrument. Glancing back at Germany, who looked rather confused at the moment, Austria spoke once more. "Please allow me to express my emotions by means of this piano."

Germany remained silent in response to Austria's statement, not knowing what to say, really, since he hadn't visited Austria's home that often, and didn't know much about his odd quirks as of yet. Not caring that Germany had no idea what was going on, Austria turned his attention back to the piano and began to play. Those with a keen ear for music will likely recognize the piece Austria was playing as the Con Fuoco section from Chopin's Nocturne in F Major. Austria's hands flitted lightly over the keys, not slipping or landing on an incorrect chord even once; he had many years of practice on the instrument, after all, and making a novice mistake such as any of those was far below his skill level.

Once finished playing, Austria turned to face Germany once more, looking considerably more pleased than he had before playing the piece.

"Do you understand now, Germany?" he asked.

"Your anger... is Chopin?" responded a bemused Germany.

[Instead of waking from his slumber as he usually did after having a particularly vivid dream, Austria merely continued to sleep. After all, he was not bothered by this dream in the slightest. Yet, that is.]
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