Dream 004

Aug. 2nd, 2009 01:51 am
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Loud laughter fills the air as two armor-clad children—one with light blond hair and the other with brown—walk away from what appears to be a battle field, leaving a third child dressed in an outfit certainly not suited for battle sitting on the ground, looking rather worse for wear. These children are the younger versions of the nations that will eventually be known as Prussia, Hungary, and Austria, respectively.

The younger Austria attempts to get to his feet, but he is too exhausted and perhaps a bit too injured from the previous fight--if you could call it that--with Prussia and Hungary to do much of anything. With a groan, he rolls over onto his side and looks around for anyone that may be around and able to help him. Thankfully, he didn’t have to wait long before help arrived. A rather angry-looking blond-haired child dressed in clothing more suited for battle than Austria’s glances down at the other nation, a frown on his face. Austria, on the other hand, seems rather happy to see the other nation and smiles as best as he can up at him.

“God, this is the tenth time this week, Austria!” the little blond-haired boy replied huffily. “Why don’t you actually try and get yourself more militarized before you wind up in these situations?! It’s not like that guy Hungary’s gonna stop beating you up just because you’re easy to beat, you know!”

“I’m sorry, Switzerland,” Austria replied, a hollow little laugh following his response. “It’s kind of funny that I was born to fight wars, but can’t really fight. I’ll do better next time, though. I promise.”

“Yeah, yeah, now get up,” Switzerland demanded, tugging on little Austria’s arm until he got to his feet. “We’ve gotta go get you bandaged up or something.”

Once Austria was on his feet, Switzerland kneeled down and allowed the other nation to get on his back. After all, a piggy-back ride was the only way Switzerland, who was equally as small as Austria, would be able to carry him.


“What is it?”

“Thank you for helping me again.”

“…Yeah, whatever. If I didn’t do it, you’d probably die or something.”

Austria awoke with a start after that dream, his hand instinctively going toward his Dreamberry, just to check and see if anything was recorded. His face paled a bit when he noticed that the dream had indeed been broadcast; this was something he would prefer others to not see, as even he didn't enjoy thinking about those times anymore.
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